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                  Mission Statement

                  Sunshine Retirement Living manages retirement communities throughout the Unites States, offering senior apartments, independent living, assisted living and memory care. Our mission is to be the preferred senior living provider offering value

                  Healthy Summer At Dunwoody Retirement


                  Many people name summer as their favorite season. And it’s completely understandable; from the time we start school, we associate summer with time off, swimming Read More

                  Marshall Pines Healthy Summer


                  We associate summer with fun in the sun. But did you know that summer is a great time to add some healthy practices to your Read More

                  Healthy Tips from Ashley Garden


                  Summer can be amazing, but when the temperature creeps up and borders on the triple-digit territory, you have to find ways to beat the heat. Read More



                  During normal times, summer fun usually includes theme parks, beaches, boardwalks, and other crowded spaces. But with this summer’s social distancing rules in place, those Read More



                  In 2020, now that travel has become increasingly restrictive (at least for the short-haul) it’s refreshing to learn that seniors living with dementia at Sunshine Read More


                  Your loved one has been diagnosed with dementia or Alzheimer’s. Of course, you want to give them the best care and quality of life possible. Read More


                  Although virtual reality technology has been around since the late 1960s, it’s still a technology that most people don’t use on a daily basis. It 狸猫加速器安卓版


                  If your loved one is experiencing memory challenges or needs assistance with the activities of daily living, you may be caring for them by yourself, Read More

                  Retirement Community Reno


                  If you or a loved one lives at a retirement community, you have likely been extra cautious during the COVID-19 pandemic. Since the coronavirus, like Read More



                  As humans, we love routine and predictability. And for seniors who have had the same routines possibly for decades, those routines are even more comforting. Read More

                  Memory care experts

                  The Experts at Copper Canyon Provide Their Best Memory Care Tips

                  When your loved one is diagnosed with Dementia or Alzheimer’s, it can be tough to know where to start your research. Of course, you want Read More


                  Dunwoody Pines Answers a Frequently Asked Question: “How do I Find The Right Community For Me?”

                  You’ve decided that it’s time to downsize. You’re ready to pack up your home and move to a vibrant community of adults just like you. Read More

                  Retirement community Evans GA

                  Marshall Pines Staff Provide a Caring, Comfortable Environment to Maximize Residents’ Quality of Life

                  When a retirement community takes on the responsibility of caring for residents with memory challenges, it’s not as simple as opening the doors to new Read More

                  Long-Term Care Facilities Are Preparing For COVID-19 Protections

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                  Millions of people across the world have been impacted by the spread of the coronavirus, and people everywhere have been subject to various stay-at-home orders, Read More

                  What Stone Valley is Doing For The Coronavirus to Keep Residents Safe

                  御龙之路单机版下载- 全方位下载:2021-6-14 · 御龙之路汉化版是以东方玄幻为背景题材的热血激情仙侠角色扮演游戏,游戏拥有玄幻色彩的画风,精美华丽的画面,激情十足的热血战斗玩法,多人实时在线竞技对战模式,给你带来全新的战

                  To say that Coronavirus has had an impact on the world might be an understatement. But for seniors, especially those living in retirement communities, the Read More

                  MANAGEMENT TEAM

                  Luis Serrano | President & CEO

                  As President of Sunshine Retirement Living, Mr. Serrano is focused on corporate strategy and development, acquisitions, strategic partnerships and special projects. Mr. Serrano is also Read More

                  Dick Glaunert | Chief Happiness Officer

                  Dick Glaunert is known as “Mr. Sunshine” to all of our Sunshine residents. As Chief Happiness Officer, Mr. Glaunert makes resident satisfaction his top priority, Read More


                  Mr. Matthews has over 25 years experience in accounting, finance and taxation, including 10 years in the senior housing and property management fields. He has Read More


                  Ms. Hasso passed in 2015 and will be forever missed by all those whose lives she helped change for the better. Sunshine Retirement Living continues Read More


                  “I was far too young, but it was love at first sight. We were married for 62 years, and we were always together.” – June Tyrell, 87


                  “I’m a very social person, and I feel lucky to have had friends and two beautiful men in my life.” – Johnye (“Johnny”) Culler, 88


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                  “You know, you make a few mistakes, but you look back on them and you know that with the information you had, it was the thing to do.” – Harold Vrono, 92

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